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World-renowned for its wreck diving, Chuuk also derives its appeal from local customs unchanged since the arrival of outsiders. Nocturnal reef hunts and a "love stick" courting ritual are just a few of the unique draws to this special corner of the FSM.

Truk Lagoon is the largest enclosed lagoon on the planet. Bound by a barrier reef 140 miles long, it covers an area of 832 square miles. More than 100 planes and ships lost by the Japanese during World War II can be found here. Much of the sunken metal has been overtaken by sea life, creating a unique seabound history exhibit resting on the floor of the shallow lagoon.

Drive or hike to Japanese lighthouses. Hire a guide to help you find abandoned gun emplacements, cave networks, libraries, and hospitals still holding their own against the tangle of jungle vegetation.

Whether you call this special island by its own name or its European nickname, "Truk," you'll be glad you came to get acquainted, explore, and relax.