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On Kosrae, nature displays her most impressive extremes. Not to be outdone, history reveals some of its oldest secrets on this easternmost of the FSM islands.

Kosrae's Lela Ruins are a precursor to neighboring Pohnpei's Nan Madol. Predating even Lela are the Menke Ruins, which hold a temple that hid the goddess Sinlaku before she fled to Yap to escape arriving missionaries in the mid-1800s.

The earth's last remaining stands of the magnificent Ka tree (Terminalia Carolinensis) are here. To visit these Redwoods of Micronesia, as they are sometimes called, visitors must first contact the Yela Environmental Landowners Authority.

Kosrae is home to some of the planet's most intact mangrove systems and a legendary cave said to house real-life giants. Come explore and decided for yourself whether the birds who flock here might share their home with more mythical creatures.

Flanked on the east by hard coral reefs in waters rich with sea life, Kosrae is another of Micronesia's diving paradises.

For those who prefer above-water adventure, Mt. Oma and Mt. Finkol offer a worthy challenge. Only one or perhaps two expedition parties per year achieve the summit of the challenging Finkol, which is one of the wettest places on earth and can only be attempted with a guide. Oma is almost as high and affords sweeping views and an up-close look at tropical wildlife, flowers, and remnant sites of World War II.