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Towering waterfalls give way to idyllic swimming holes on the FSM's tallest and largest island. Equally majestic are the basalt ruins of the abandoned metropolis Nan Madol, covering over 200 acres and more than 90 islands. Known as the "Venice of the Pacific," it is believed to be the remnant of a historic dynasty which oversaw its construction around 500-1500 AD.

The substantial rainfall that feeds Pohnpei's scenic cascades also supports verdant forests which enfold intriguing sites like the Pohnpaip Petroglyphs and a Japanese base camp from the World War II era, among many others.

Pohnpei is renowned for the ceremonial drink sakau, a numbing mixture that relaxes the drinker and is available to adventurous visitors to many of the island's bars. Its magical effects are just another of the countless mysteries on this magnificent island surrounded by hard coral reefs. Like all of its Micronesian neighbors, Pohnpei is home to a rainbow of underwater kingdoms sure to awe divers who come to explore here.